Thursday, 30 April 2015

April wrap up

I'm going to keep this short, as my iPad is messing up today and this is already my 4th attempt at writing this, so here we go.

Half Wild - Sally Green. 4*. Good book, hoping the next brings us Nathan and Gabriel shippers what we want. After that I read Half Lies, the 0.5 novella of the series.

Die For Me - Amy Plum. 3*. I liked the story but the romance was a bit too much for me.

Proxy - Alex London. 3*. I was a bit disappointed in this book, it sounded interesting but I got kinda bored in it. The cover is pretty though.

The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury. 4*. Another enjoyable read. I will be eagerly anticipating the sequel. Soon, yes?

Until I Die - Amy Plum. 4*. This story had a better storyline, and the romance was less cheesy, much better read than the first book.

Cinder - Marissa Meyer. 5*. I don't even know what to say, except Cinderella, with cyborgs!

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover. 4*. I lost my Hooverginity to this book, and it took me through the ringer a bit. I just didn't like the crawling into her bedroom bits.

Scarlet -Marissa Meyer. 5*. This series just gets better and better. Just as you decide your favourite character and OTP, even better ones come along!

Losing Hope - Colleen Hoover. 4*. It was really interesting to see the story from his point of view, although it was just as heartbreaking.

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins. 4*. This book was funny, the main character is pretty awesome, and Archer...need I say any more?

Cress - Marissa Meyer. 5*. We have to wait util November?? Really? November????

Raising Demons - Rachel Hawkins. 4*. Also known as Demonglass in America, book 2 of Hex Hall. I also enjoyed this a lot, and still more laughs, sarcasm and awesome characters. This book takes a darker turn, but still pretty good.

And that's it. That's all I read, unless if read loads in the next 3 hours before midnight, but not gonna happen, I'm at work for 7. Thanks for sticking around, think I did pretty well bookwise this month! I should worry about the state of my social life (and bank balance) if I get the time for this monthly!

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