Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Book bubble

So yesterday I was going through my tbr on Goodreads, and I realised that not only was the majority YA, but it was mostly YA fantasy/dystopian. That got me remembering that one of my new year's resolutions was to read more classics. Since then I have read...absolutely none, and out of the 38 I have read so far, only 9 have been anything other than YA.

This got me thinking, you look on Goodreads, Youtube, anything to do with books, and we all seem to be stuck in this neverending bubble. Is it just because everyone's in it, so instead of finding really good sounding "grown up" books we're just getting swamped with all the YA? Is it just because it's so deeply embedded into our comfort zone that we're afraid to look elsewhere? I tend to find any time I try browsing anywhere other than YA I still tend to look in the fantasy section then leave. And the majority of missed purchases from this tend to be the thought that I have so many YA books yet to read, do I really want to grow up yet?

What are your thoughts? Are you a YA addict, or have you taken the big step to branching out into the scary world of everything else? If so, any recommendations you would care to share with those of us who just can't seem to pop the bubble?

Happy reading :)

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