Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday favourites - series

It's gone midnight, so technically Friday, and that means it's time for my Friday favourites, and if you couldn't tell it's my top 5 series'. I will try and do them in as much of an order as I can, but I think sometimes there is some slight overlapping.

So, no series list is really complete without... Harry Potter, by J.K Rowling. This is my number one series, the series that everything I read gets judged against, but sadly I am yet to find anything to hold as dear in my heart. I actually only read these books first to prove a point. My brother got The Philosopher's Stone for Christmas the year it came out. I was 7, and it had a sticker on it saying it was suitable for ages 9-11, so 7 year old me looks at it and instantly thinks "challenge accepted." If I could go back in time I would reappear here and high five mini me for such a great decision.

Next up, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. These books are just so incredibly sweet, exciting, funny and at times devastatingly heartbreaking. I absolutely love Tessa, if I could pick a book best friend she would be one of my first choices. The other characters are really great too, the storyline is so interesting, and of course the romance. I have never seen a love triangle so well done as between Tess, Jem and Will. I loved the three of them together, and I wish there could have been a way for them all to be together forever.

Then we have The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien.  What to say about this book that hasn't been said thousands of times before? The writing is so beautiful, he builds the world up so well, and he writes the characters so well it's impossible not to care for each and every one of them. In fact he's so good that my favourite character is one that only appears about 3 times. It is also thanks to him that I have been obsessed with elves since the age of ten.

Here is The Lunar Chronicles by Marrisa Meyer. I don't really know if I should count this, as it hasn't concluded yet, and I'm only just starting book 3, but I am so loving these books. The author really knows how to make some bad ass heroines, sweet guys, and a really fascinating storyline. These books are absolutely different to what I was expecting, and I'm so annoyed at life for keeping me from them for periods of time!

Finally we have The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. These books get some seriously mixed reviews, but I will always stand firmly on the positive side. I adore her writing, she has the sarcastic humour and banter that I love so much between people, yet there are still the darker points that have you sobbing into your pillow for ages. I've never had such mixed feelings about a villain before these books, yet even a year later you just have to mention his name and I will tear up (those of you who read it, you know. If not I seriously apologise, but it's pretty spoilery.)

Thanks for reading, it'd be interesting to know your thoughts. Anyone read these and loved them? Or even if you didn't like them?

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