Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Die For Me review

Die For Me - Amy Plum

When Kate's parents die, she moves over to Paris with her sister, to live with their grandparents. There she meets Vincent, and weird stuff starts to happen. As they fall in love she begins to learn why: Vincent, and all his friends, are revenants, undead people who sacrifice their lives to save others, and are then "reset" to when they first died.

Overall this book was pretty good. It was a pretty unique take on a ghost story, and for the most part it was enjoyable and interesting. But now you're probably wondering why it didn't get more stars. And of course, the answer is the stereotypical sappy relationship that makes you want to vomit. Don't get me wring, in some books I love a good sappy relationship, but (apart from him being a decent sounding guy) this was just a bit too reminiscent of Bella and Edward. And note to all ya writers: having the romantic lead stalking the protagonist is not sweet, it's not romantic, if anything it's just downright creepy. This happens way too much in ya, and to makes me worry for all these impressionable teenage girls, thinking their latest crush isn't into her because he never sneaks into her bedroom to watch her sleep, or follow her around all the time.
Thank god the storyline was actually decent, or there may have been some book throwing needed.

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