Saturday, 25 April 2015

A few bookish peeves

So we all have those things we love and hate about books, yes? Well I'm going to discuss a few things I dislike. Some will be the physical books, some the content, and maybe a bit about accessibility.

Firstly, it's the sizes of books. I love having my books all nice and neat, but recently I've discovered books from America. These are actually bigger than books from the UK, so it means now not only do I have to sort my cases out alphabetically, but also in size order, exhausting stuff.

Next, I think is on every single bibliophile's list. Fricking cover changes. Mostly when a cover changes in the middle of a series, although that is definitely the most annoying thing, but sometimes when you buy second hand online you can't actually see what cover you're getting. I recently bought the Vampire Academy books, and half are the really gorgeous red covers, and the rest are just the really generic copies with the faces on.

Also I hate how book titles have a habit of changing from country to country. Not only does it mean I miss out on some gorgeous covers because of the wrong titles (I'm looking at you, new American Harry Potters) but it also gets hugely confusing when in a discussion with someone from a different country. Also on Goodreads you have to seriously hunt around for the correct name of the book, because American copies always come up first.

Now some content peeves. This first one isn't just inclusive to books, because every film I see is like this, but it's just how offensively stereotypical British characters are in American things. I can't stand tea, I don't know or talk like the queen, and I've never been to London. There are other places in the UK, it's not just one city. There are also completely different accents from city to city.

I had to come back for this one, because I just can't believe I forgot it, and that is how often the male romantic leads in books are so possessive and creepy. So many women fawn over these men, but surely if you woke up to discover that they'd sneaked in to watch you sleep you'd be phoning the police?

Lastly is one I would never have noticed if it weren't for Katytastic's video on peeves, and that is the use of some form of 'I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding" in about 99% of books. I have only read about 2 or 3 books since watching that video without spotting some form of that sentence in.

Thanks for reading, and see you guys soon.

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