Saturday, 2 May 2015

Early releases

So the last 3 books I preordered from my local bookshop have arrived early, the most recent being Rogue by Julie Kagawa, which isn't officially out yet, but I got a text after work on Thirsdsy (coincidentally payday) saying it had arrived, and I was so excited. I absolutely adore it when I get those texts, as long as I actually have the money for them, that is! I'm not even talking about those books that arrive a day early, most of mine are a week or 2 early! I think I do it too much though, the only contact information the man at the till needed was a confirmation of my phone number!

On the other hand, I preordered The Girl At Midnight by Melissa Grey at the beginning of April. It came out on 28th April and I still don't have that beautiful cover in my life!I seem to have varying levels of success with Amazon, much prefer bookshops, but it's cheap and sometimes you just have to go for the cheaper option.

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