Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Top Ten Tuesdays - Bands

Ok, sorry again not a book post, but I do always read with music on in the background, so I guess it is kind of book related in a sense. Failing that it's just another of my passions, I could miss out on TV for days if it meant listening to music.

10. Fountains of Wayne.

So I first came across this band in my crazed teenage years, back when Stacy's Mom was the huge song going around, and I quite liked it but never tool the time to listen to other songs by them. This was pre-internet for me so it was pretty difficult. But then Scrubs came along, and with it the episode with the song Hey Julie, which I adored. From there I've listened to I think most of their songs, and they're just a really fun band.

9. The Lonely Island

This group probably seems a bit out of place on this list, but I do love a bit of TLI. Once again, they're fun, they make me laugh and their songs are pretty catchy. I can't really remember how I got into them now, I think it was through my ex boyfriend.

8. Simple Plan

This is actually quite a recent add for me. Obviously I've never disliked them, they've always just kind of been around, but I found their discography on Spotify not long ago, thought why not, and am really enjoying them.

7. Avril Lavigne

I have been in love with this woman since Sk8er Boi came out. She always looks so good, and her music is just great. I haven't been so in love with some of her recent stuff (trying to pretend Hello Kitty never existed) which is why she's not as high up as it might sound like she should be, but I still love her.

6. Kelly Clarkson

This woman is so talented. She has a voice that just hits you out of nowhere, and despite being a woman who is quite often high in the charts and everyone listens to, she actually writes songs that have meaning, that we can all relate to. I used to find it difficult listening to the album Breakaway, because it just hit too close to home after my first relationship crashed and burned, but it's a great album.

5. Bowling For Soup

So we're taking a trip back to fun bands a bit now. This band always manages to crack me up, but they also manage to delve deeper into all sorts of feels. They don't depend on their looks or hot bodies to sell their music (if you don't believe me look at them lol) but rely purely on their talent and humour, both of which they have loads.

4. Fall Out Boy

This, along with Avril Lavigne, was one of the first bands I started listening to. I love everything about this band, and the name of some of the songs just make me laugh so much, as do their videos. This is also a band I can listen to loads without my fiancé moaning at me, so that's a plus.

3. Paramore

It was unfortunately my first boyfriend that got me into this band. He might not have stuck around, but they sure have. Coincidentally a song of theirs just came onto Kerrang, and it's just emphasising how awesome they are. Catchy songs, clever lyrics, and just all round greatness. Also, how awesome was past Hayley's hair?? I have to admit, I love this band so much I was convinced I was going to name my first daughter after her.

2. All Time Low

I absolutely love this band. I recently embarrassed some of my friends, we walked into a shop the day their new album released and it was right on the first shelf as we walked in, and I literally squealed with excitement. They are just so honest, once again the songs are so catchy yet heartfelt, and yes, fun. I really am sensing a trend in the bands I listen to.

And finally...

1. Green Day

I don't even know where to start with how much I love this band. I will admit, it started when I was 12 and American Idiot came out, but from there it just completely exploded into a complete obsession. This probably sounds corny, but they really have saved my life several times, and I will forever be grateful to them. I saw them back in 2010 and it was one of the best nights of my life. I literally have just one complaint about them, and that's just how much they're hinting about a new album. I don't want hints, I want more songs!

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