Wednesday, 27 May 2015

So many books, so little money!

I'm sure we all have this problem, so I'm going to try and give a few tips on how to get maximum books for the costs. 

  • Book offers. If you look close enough, these are everywhere. In most Waterstones they do a buy one get one half price and you can get some really amazing books on these. The Works do selected books 3 for £5, although sadly this is a bit hit and miss. And most supermarkets do 2 for £7.
  • Cheap shops. I mentioned both of these shops above in the offers, but both The Works and supermarkets do their books not on offers for usually between £2-4, with boxsets from about £9.99 upwards.
  • Online shopping. is probably a huge lifesaver for me. Not only so I look on there, but tend to look on the new and used sections, most of which I can get for about £3, and I usually get them in really good condition.
  • Charity shops. When in doubt I tend to look around the charity shops, and sometimes I hit the jackpot. I found most of The Caster Chronicles in a local charity shop for under a fiver, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Unfortunately these don't always come in the best condition, and I will probably end up rebuying a few books in better condition. 
  • Book giveaways. Ok, I haven't been overly lucky with these in the past, but I have received a couple of really good books from them, and there are usually some amazing books you can at least apply to win. These definitely are cheap because they don't cost anything at all. 
So here we are, my little handy hints on how not to break your bank any more than necessary, although following these I still tend to go a but crazy. I seem to think because I was buying everything cheaper I can buy more. I'm sure there's logic in there somewhere...

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  1. All very good tips. Libraries are a great and almost endless source for free books and they often have book sales annually.