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I am completely in love with half of the book world, so it probably isn't just one true pairing that I have, it's more like Every True Pairing, with all the ships! I will try and keep it a bit shorter than my brain though, or you'll be reading this all year. I might try a semblance of an order, but usually when I try my brain smushes and I just end up fangirling everywhere instead. Also a disclaimer, some of these are real, some are in my mind, and I will try and keep it all spoiler free.

9. Hazel Grace Lancaster and Agustus Waters

They have such a sweet, pure teenage love. In my old age I am finding first loves and teenage relationships so pure and simple, and John Green has managed to capture that perfectly. Ok, so there's the whole cancer thing, and the ending, but aside from those minor points these two manage to sit comfortably on my number 10.

8. Nathan and Gabriel

I do apologise, surnames have escaped me, but those of you who have read the Half Bad trilogy so far must know the feels. They have such chemistry and I can slightly feel my hear exploding when I read them together. If it weren't for that stupid Annalise everything would be absolutely perfect. Come on Sally, make it happen!

7. Celeana and Dorian

Apparently now I am just giving up on surnames a bit, but there are such complicated names. Either way, these two, I can't even. They make me so happy, and I supremely hope that they end up together in the end because they really crack me up. I love couples with some banter and sarcasm. I know her and Chaol are good together, and I do kinda ship them too, but her and Dorian just give me all the feels.

6. Angela and Alex Reid

Ok, we're just popping away from YA to visit the I Heart... series by Lindsey Kelk. These two, wow. He is just so dreamy and I love him. They both really complement each other, and to see them apart is just really devastating. I love this series, and I think these two are the main reason why. I need more of them in my life.

5. Blue and Gansey

These two would probably be higher, but it's such a bittersweet love, and I'm not sure how we can ever win. If they fall in love and kiss then Gansey will die, but then if they don't fall in love and get together than my heart might explode. I can't even really know how much I really love them with this knowledge, but I really want them to be together!

4. Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood

I have to ask as much as I love and adore J.K Rowling, what was she thinking with never getting these two together?? I think they would be absolutely perfect together, and they are really sweet together as friends, so imagine what they would be like as a couple! I guess it's because she is so away with the faries and he's so forgetful? I guess that would be a bit of a downside, but nobody's perfect.

3. Tessa Gray and Will Herondale

I love love love them! Will is definitely one of my book boyfriends, but I love Teasa so much I'll let her have him I guess. They make me happy, and I imagine they make a very attractive couple. I love how they have books in common and they can just sit and read together, that's he dream!

2. Aragorn and Arwen

I have to say I have no idea how this one came about, or why I love Arwen so much, because she has like 2 or 3 mentions in the whole series, but from my first read through I have absolutely adored these two together. I know a lot of people sacrifice things for eachother, but she let's go of her immortality to be with him!

1. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

These two, From the second or third book I was desperate for them to get together, then when they did I was so happy, then I was devastated when they split up. If I'm honest I cried more at them breaking up than Dumbledore dying, but I try not to admit that to people. The last couple of books were a serious whirlwind for the Harry/Ginny shippers, but I was so glad when they finally got their happy ending.

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