Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tips for a reading slump

I posted yesterday that I hadn't picked up a book yet this month, but today I finished own book and read 23% of another. The slump has broken! Here are some tips on how to get over a slump.

Watch booktube videos. This is both good and bad, you need to be able to watch enough videos to get your enthusiasm back, but not too many for you to just become too engrossed in them to just spend hours watching them and forgetting all about books.

If you're ill, and I'm talking properly ill, not with a cold, don't pick up a book at all, because it will absolutely ruin it.

Read a few pages each day. Even that one page could turn it all around if there is something on that page that really grabs your interest. A lot of my slumps involve a huge amount of picking up books, reading about a chapter, then putting it down again, then picking it up again about an hour later.

Spend some time alone with your bookcase. Organise it, make notes on which books you own, or even sit and stare at it for a whole. Something might pop up that you would suddenly love to read, or you might just get some time with some pretty books.

If you just want to binge on TV or something in the meantime, just do it. Books may be important but  a bit of telly every now and again. Also you will not enjoy your book if you spend the whole time thinking about the latest episode of Once Upon A Time.

Most importantly, don't stress. The time will come when you will decide to pick up another book, and then you'll probably just read and read until your eyes hurt. Having a while of not reading doesn't mean you will never read again. I dread to think about the amount of reading slumps I've been in my life, and yes they are pretty unsettling, but it isn't forever.

So I guess the main thing to remember is that reading is supposed to be fun, so if you aren't finding it fun then wait until a point that you do.

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