Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Mortal Instruments anniversary

So I was doing my morning interneting earlier and discovered that it has been a year since City of Heavenly Fire came out. It has sure been a hell of a ride. I came into the world a little late, I actually started off with The Infernal Devices, but from the minute I started City of Bones I was hooked. I know people say to wait until book 3 for it to get good, but I really loved it from beginning to end.

I don't even know fully the level of feels this series has put me through, but it has definitely been a roller coaster of a ride. From the fears of Clary and Jace going through their issues, to some of the most empathetic villains (after a point) I have laughed and cried so many times. I really was surprised with how much the last book affected me, without trying to spoil things I never thought after all he did Sebastian would be deserving of any sympathy, but Jonathon absolutely broke my heart. I still feel it difficult hearing the name without tearing up.

So yeah, in conclusion I absolutely love this series. The sarcasm, the world building, and the characters all add up to a great series, and I feel I am due a reread of the books very soon.

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