Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Keeping track of my tbr

One question I find people always ask me, and I'm sure I'm not alone, is how I manage to keep track on all the books when I buy so many and it used to be quite a big problem (I had Throne of Glass for about a year before I read it as it was hidden at the back of my bookcase) but I now have a technique that works quite nicely.
First thing I do is pretty obvious, I have a separate bookcase for my tbr books, which probably says a lot about how many I have, having a tbr case instead of tbr shelf. I keep them all in alphabetic order and once I've read them I move them over to my proper bookshelf, or now the back of my sofa until I can afford another bookcase. These I also have separated in piles to make it slightly easier to get on my shelf when I get a new one. That or I'm just a bit too anal.
Second thing is the one that gets me quite a few funny looks when it mentioned it. My mum got me a Book Thief notebook for Christmas, so what better use for it than to write down all my books? I sit at my tbr at the beginning of every month, and write down all the books on it, obviously leaving space for any more I will buy during the month. I then write at the bottom of the page how many books I have at the beginning of the month, and how many at the end. If I have less at the end of the month I get to buy books the next month. I then get somebody to choose a number, and that will be the book I read, then when I'm done with it I cross the book off.
How about you all? Ever have trouble keeping up with the never-ending pile, or do you have a method to stop it getting out of hand?

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