Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bookish terms

So I was talking to my fiancé earlier about how slumpy I am feeling, and he looked at me like I'd gone insane, which got me thinking: how many times a day do you start talking about your OTP, or how you need to get control over your TBR, and your friends all have no idea what you're talking about?

I confess, a few years ago, back when I was just a reader, none of these terms really existed to me. I lived in a pretty much constant state of books, school and MSN, so I didn't have the time for Youtube (and it never occurred to me that something as awesome as Booktube would exist), and I had yet to discover Goodreads, so back in 2011 I began to discover the bookish side of the internet, and my brain started to explode. Every other thing people were saying had to be explained, as I had no idea what half of the terms meant. Before the internet, a ship was something you sailed across the sea in; a tbr was something a lot smaller because we weren't spending precious reading time on the computer, and canon was just a type of camera.

These days I am thankfully almost fluent in book, and am doing my best to try and teach those around me how to speak bookish. Some people learn quicker than others, but now the majority of people seem to actually understand what I'm saying when I am fangirling about how Harry and Ginny are my OTP (I actually cried more at the drama in their relationship in HBP than I did at the really sad part).

I will be having a surprise announcement on here hopefully tomorrow, or at least in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled it you want to know more!

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