Sunday, 21 June 2015

My TV guilty pleasure

So we all have one, that one programme we watch every episode of, but only when there are no people around to laugh at us. Mine would have to be Teen Mom. Yes, I know, MTV rubbish, and it's not as natural as they make it seem, but I just love it. I think possibly because when I first discovered it I was 18 and pregnant, so I empathised so much with the girls on the program, and now I've just really enjoyed keeping up with what they and their babies are up to. There have been points where I've been shouting at the screen because of how stupid they have been, but then there are all the heart wrenching moments that make you want to cry, and others that make you so happy you just sit grinning at the TV like an idiot.

I absolutely love Maci, she just seems like such a lovely mum, and you can see all her decisions are based on what is best for Bentley. I definitely don't like Ryan, he needs to pull up his socks and a pact more like a dad, because he does have some moments where you can see how much he loves his son, then minutes later he has all the attitude on. I rather like Catelynn and Tyler as well, although any time they see Carly is an episode I will probably need tissues for. I used to hate Amber, but I actually quite like her now, as time went on I found myself feeling more sympathetic for her, and now I think she's trying so hard. Then Farrah....the less said about her the better.

So there we are, I admit it, I love Teen Mom. What are your guilty pleasures? You ever find yourself quickly changing the channel because someone came through the door, or do you watch it with pride?


  1. I also really like to watch teen mom, and other reality TV for fun, entertainment is just that. Wanted to let you know you gained a new follower on GFC!!
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