Friday, 17 July 2015

Autobuy authors

So we all have those authors, we hear they have a new book out, and we rush out to buy it, without even knowing what the book is actually about. So here are a few of mine, in no particular order.

So first we have the beautiful, the magical J.K Rowling. I have never read a single book by her that I haven't liked, and her writing just captures me and steals me away. She is my number one all time favourite writer, and even if she one day publishes her shopping istt I would probably buy it. From the second Harry gets dropped off at the Dursley's doorstop, to everything she's written as Robert Galbraith I am in.

Next up we have Maggie Stiefvater. Her writing is incredibly poetic and absolutely beautiful, and she definitely knows how to intrigue a reader. She has a really quirky sense of humour, and I am yet to be disappointed by a book of hers. Ok, so The Raven King is taking about a zillion years to come out (come on, March 2016!) but I'm sure when it does come out it will be majestic.

Ok, girly moment first. I had no idea what Julie Kagawa looked like until I pulled up this picture, but her hair is absolutely amazing, and I love it. But onto her books, I started with The Iron Fey series, and have never looked back. I am actually yet to finish the series, but that's more due to lack of funds than anything. Her Blood of Eden trilogy was out of this world, and I am really enjoying her Talon series. Again, there is a good quirky humour behind her stories, and the plot and writing style make it such a quick and fun read.

My first foray into Cassandra Clare books was the wonder that is Clockwork Angel. I'd never heard of the series, but then my book club suggested it, I saw it in Waterstones a day or so later and thought why not, and from the first page I was hooked. From that I went straight onto The Mortal Instruments, and I am now (im)patiently waiting to get my teeth into Lady Midnight. I will still be lamenting the lack of Will Herondale, but am hoping there are other certain characters from The Infernal Devices in this series. 

Sarah J Maas is a new add to this list, what with the fact that she has 4 books out right now, but I will never not buy one of her books based on the fact that it was her writing it. Her characters are just so badass yet loveable, and her worlds are so easy to get lost in. I was so excited to buy and attend a signing for A Court Of Thorns And Roses without knowing a single thing about it, and my lovely signed copy is beautiful. I pre-ordered Queen of Shadows last week, and I am absolutely dying for it to come out! And, as you can see, she is absolutely gorgeous.

So there are a few of my autobuy authors. What are some of yours? Any books you are waiting for from any of your favourites?

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  1. I agree with so many of your choices! I'm the Throne of Glass series right now and am actually in love, they're so amazing! I've also nominated you for the fangirling book award: see the details here: